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Online marketing research

Online marketing research is a relatively new field that allows companies to conduct direct research using the Web. More and more companies are taking advantage of this opportunity, allowing them to access the opinions and evaluations that will make their product more competitive. As a student,
your value lies in the fact that your views tend to be both innovative and practical. Companies are actively looking for this type of feedback - we just help them find you, listen to you, and reward you.

Why Edu-Surveys.org ?

You know your opinions are valuable. By joining our team, you make them worth real money. Unlike your unpaid internship, there is no lost time and companies actually compensate you for the efforts you make in helping them improve. Our system of online surveys, virtual focus groups, and testing new services and products can actually allow you to enjoy making money.

Our members are earning up to $900 per week!

As a member of Edu-Surveys.org team, you may earn:

From $5 to $100 per on-line survey (see a sample survey)
Up to $200 per on-line focus group discussion
$20 per hour to preview new movies

From $20 to $50 per product and service evaluation

Advantages of our program

The main advantage of the program is its part-time nature. Between lectures and exams, you have plenty of demands on your time. Our program is created in a way that makes it easy to combine with any other activity, including another paid job. You work from your personal computer, meaning there is no strict daily schedule or supervisor looking over your shoulder. We're here to help you increase your income in an easy, convenient, and interesting way, as long as you're willing to put in a minimal amount of time.

The Benefits of Our Members

In return for the one-time membership fee, members receive guided access to an extensive and constantly updated database of survey panels that pay for participating in simple online research methods. Members are trained in the latest techniques in online research and shown how to apply the customer information that is crucial to your success. We also guide them through the process to ensure they receive their due returns. Members get our help, encouragement, and most importantly professional advice. It can even be fun

If you want to make money with every click of your mouse, don't miss this opportunity to join our community!

For further information on how our program works and how you could be paid, please read:
How It Works, Terms and Conditions or Contact us.

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